My vision:

What is fine art photography? To me, it is any image that speaks to and moves an individual. It is an image that trancends catergorization, and inspires you to own and display it.

I realize that some of my work won't be everyone's "cup of tea", but that's okay. If only one of my pieces makes you step back and say "wow, that's amazing" then I'll be happy, of course if it's more than one, then I'll be happier still!

Exhibitions & Shows:

My bio:

Born in North Wales, the son of a local wedding photographer, I seem to have had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember; although the day that I acquired my Dad’s Leica IIIf was when it all started to get serious!

After graduating from University, I moved to South Africa and continued the love affair with wildlife photography that began as a teenager during visits to Chester Zoo. Next I lived in Namibia, then California, London and Wales, where I freelanced for Price Williams Photography doing portrait, wedding and model portfolio work.

Following that, I moved to Colorado and started my own company selling a selection of the best images from my african wildlife and fine art portfolios.

My work has been published in both the first and second editions of the Bradt Guidebook to Botswana, and also in the Botswana Tourism Handbook and the award winning Expert Africa Travel brochure. I have been awarded first prize for photography at the Golden fine arts festival and the Denver Capitol Hill People's Fair.